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Our Goal

We know that the children are the future, and choose to invest our energy in our youth (but we are not limited to only working with youth!). Our goal is to introduce these simple, science based, guided self-reflections to schools nation-wide, and eventually world-wide! These, of course, are brief, and optional, so that students can either self-reflect each day, or choose a silent work during the 5, 10, 15, or 20 minutes of self-reflection. The teacher can play the guided reflection out loud for the group of students who wish to participate, or they can download the app onto their computers and listen silently with headphones. We have designed each level for most age groups, starting with the age of 3, working with a 5 minute self-reflection, and up to 20 minutes for teenagers and adults. Of course, you can always use your own judgement with which guided self-reflection feels right for you. Our goal is to work with schools, and also we are open to helping all facilities receive the benefits of daily self-reflection, from schools to military academies, and all places of work, we know that every person benefits from taking a few moments to shut out the outside world, and focus on their inner world. Our goal is for every individual to spend time each day, with science-based guided self-reflection, to optimize your overall well being


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