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About Us

The Global Coherence Project (GCP) is a non-profit organization that offers scientifically backed, guided self-reflections for most ages and levels of experience! Our app and website offer FREE short guided self-reflections, based on principles in modern science such as quantum physics and neuroscience, that can help you achieve coherence and inner balance. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing accessible and effective tools for self-reflection that can help you achieve optimal health and well-being. Join us on this journey of self-discovery and transformation!

Kendra's Story

Get to Know the Founder

Kendra Wilson is finishing her Master’s Degree in Consciousness and Human Potential, which has heavy influence from quantum physics and neuroscience. She has used these principles in her own self-reflection journey to reverse incurable disease, as well as poverty. She includes these basic, simple principles in her guided self-reflection recordings, which you can access for free (with the option to donate) on both the GCP website and app, for your convenience. Kendra is also a mother of a young daughter, who has used these guided self-reflections to minimize her symptoms of autism, which were debilitating, and even led to malnourishment due to severe sensory issues and food intolerances which were also highly debilitating. Now, as of today, her daughter has no severe autism symptoms, no food intolerances, no sensory issues, and lives a very joyful, social, healthy lifestyle! Possibilities are limitless when we can overcome our stresses and limitations by reflecting on the self, and we want to share those gifts to everyone!

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